As every fan of watching things on screens is aware, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has struck, or perhaps stricken, against the Alliance of Motion Picture, Television, and Made-For-Television Motion Picture Producers (AMPTMFTMPP).

As WGA members, we vow not to commit any of our brilliant ideas to the page until the studios capitulate to our demands. We refuse to draw upon our vast creative resources, which include one shared copy of Final Draft software and a vocabulary chock full of words like "capitulate," "chock full," and "lest." Lest America forget what it's missing out on, here’s WHAT WE’RE NOT WRITING today:

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Friday, February 8, 2008


A special episode of “Wet/Dry” in which Officers McMurtry and Davis bring in tree whisperer Jack Killian and U.S.-born Nigel Devonshire to help solve the case of a promising young high school baseball player killed in a botched heroin deal behind a bowling alley. Using whichever pieces of evidence have not already been swallowed by the district’s leading forensics experts, the team tracks the case from the world of commercial refrigeration to a surprisingly upbeat tenement house, interrogating everyone from a grieving, caffeine-addicted couple to one remarkably gay family. When an off-camera explosion threatens to scuttle the entire investigation, they’ll need the help of Ronny Keane, some avid reality TV fans, a computer lady and a car guy, a parrot in a wig, the governor’s butler, a blandly attractive set of quintuplets, a group of horny New Yorkers, and a really funny payroll guy who works with Uncle Gene. Not to mention, of course, a manephant.

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