As every fan of watching things on screens is aware, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has struck, or perhaps stricken, against the Alliance of Motion Picture, Television, and Made-For-Television Motion Picture Producers (AMPTMFTMPP).

As WGA members, we vow not to commit any of our brilliant ideas to the page until the studios capitulate to our demands. We refuse to draw upon our vast creative resources, which include one shared copy of Final Draft software and a vocabulary chock full of words like "capitulate," "chock full," and "lest." Lest America forget what it's missing out on, here’s WHAT WE’RE NOT WRITING today:

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Please Note:

If we weren't on strike, today we would have had a lunch meeting with someone to discuss some project that probably never would've ended up happening. Instead, we’re having lunch alone at Panera (G: Bacon Turkey Bravo, J: Broccoli Cheddar in a bread bowl), and we're not discussing any project at all, so it definitely won’t happen. And we have to pay for ourselves. And we probably can’t even write it off.


Adam F. said...

Bacon Turkey Bravo is my trucker handle. 10-4, yummy sandwich.

Ali said...

I know, I would have not gotten so many jobs this past month if it weren't for this menacing strike.